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2012-03-10 20:17:44 by SonAshTheBandiHog

It has been a long time since I post something...

I'll try to make some short movies in the future, but dunno... I'm going to University. Gotta be more responsible, gosh I'm a slacker, must change that.

That Big Flash Project that I was working on (Wich I mentioned in previous "new post") it's still on production, but it will take more time that I thought... probably it will see the sunlight (or Internet light) late 2013... If everything on life is goin' good, maybe a bit earlier.

Yup Thats All!


2011-06-30 13:27:38 by SonAshTheBandiHog

Not dead, just busy

Something's coming... and Ive planned it about 2 years ago. But since I learned how to animate stuff, it will come. Just hope it will be finished before the end of the year

Just hello

2011-04-12 08:58:59 by SonAshTheBandiHog

that's all, I've created this account in 2008... so it was time to do something with this.

I've just learned how to make flash animation, and also like music (like everyone) I have an idea of some tune on my mind that I would like to make...

so if you're interested on my work stay tuned.

Stuff will come out someday